We understand that no two projects are ever the same, so when it comes to appointing a contractor to deliver the services you need confidence is key.

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About Us

Vision & Mission

To be the preferred real estate company which is most admired for its people, products, partnerships, and safe performance.

Our Clients
The most valued part of our business. Our main focus is to deliver outstanding service and build a loyal customer base.

Our Team
Is our most valuable asset and we work together in an atmosphere of fun and respect. We support each other to deliver exceptional customer care and achieve our goals.

Our Business
Provides a professional and transparent service for all property related matters. Our business is built on strong, ethical principles allowing our company to deliver outstanding service and results.


who we are

Akter properties Ltd. (APL) started its journey in 2009 in real estate sector and has become a household name in this sector as "Delivering on promise" and "Compliant and ethical builder."

Before venturing to establish APL, the Managing Director of APL, Mr. Akter Biswas was involved in land development under the banner of his family business Latif Real Estate Ltd. based in Monsurabad Residential Housing, adjacent to Adabor, Shamuly, Dhaka. Mr. Akter Biswas first project was in Monsurabad Residential Housing where he developed and successfully handed over more than 1000 plots and became known as one of the young entrepreneurs  in the 1980's. Mentionable here is the background of Monsurabad Residential Housing which has been developed by Mr. Akter Biswas' family and the name of the area has been given by them in honor of his grandfather Late Al-Haj Abdul Monsur Ali Biswas.

Starting with land development project which continued for a decade; till 1992 with focus on two things; firstly land acquisition in a compliant way ensuring win-win situation for the parties involved and secondly development of Monsurabad Residential Housing area which was his own project and he treated the neighborhood as his family, nourishing and nurturing it to grow, improve and create a  new area for the people of Dhaka city.

Ten years down the line the way of life started evolving and the concept of owning and residing in 2/3 bedroom apartments compared to independent houses gave way to new business opportunities. Thus the era of real estate and housing sector emerged which is also one of the main drivers of the country's economic development and industrialization. From 1992 onwards Mr. Akter Biswas moved towards residential construction to address the increasing population moving towards Dhaka city due to both push and pull factor. He was approached by previous land owners to collaborate and construct apartments together under the banner of Latif Real Estate and Mr. Akter Biswas completed these projects at zero profit for his company as well as the cost of building apartments was fifty percent less compared to building independent houses. Moving forward more land accumulation projects were  taken with the purpose of building residential buildings, ensuring optimum return on investment financially for the involved parties where again Latif Real Estate made modest profit.

Mr. Akter Biswas led his highly motivated task force till 2008 jointly under the banner of Akter Properties Limited and Latif Real Estate in residential building constructions and subsequent successful handover to 1600 clients. He believed in not only developing lands and buildings but also touching the lives of the people by developing the neighborhood; i.e. Monsurabad Residential Housing where schools, hospital, super stores etc were already being established taking into account the growing number of people moving into this area. His business acumen was the main drive for contribution to the development of this neighborhood which now houses 12,000 people roughly. Their target clientele was mostly middle class and upper middle class and this made him explore options  keeping budget in mind as well as providing superior quality products, catering to both luxurious and comfortable living experience for the clients.

Akter properties Limited started its independent journey under the leadership of Mr. Akter Biswas and Ms. Nasreen Khan. Having 30+ years of experience in real estate sector and proven track record of delivering upon promise in most compliant and ethical way Mr. Akter Biswas revamped business strategy to address the clients' requirement for bigger apartments and shifted from previous 800-1200 sft apartments to newly designed 1400-1800 sft spaces with modern structural designs, features and amenities.  On the other hand, Ms. Nasreen Khan's vision to enhance customer service and cater to all requirements of clients led to the idea of having in-house one-stop solutions.  Under her expert leadership and guidance this vision could be accomplished with emphasis on knowledge base of the employees on different aspects related to apartment and land. For example, loan processing documents and timeline, banks with whom MOU has been signed to expedite the loan facilities for APL clients by providing the most competitive interest rate and reduced processing fee, registration procedure and documentation, mutation, holding tax, interior designing of the apartments and many more services which differentiates APL products in the market. Another aspect is APL's proactive approach with landowners on advising them on land investment and making them understand the benefits of working with APL in the long run.

 APL's client base steadily increased with history of referral clients, for example children of initial clients whose requirements to accommodate extended family led APL to providing bigger apartment sizes from 1800 sft to 2600 sft in 2017, bringing in both modern and contemporary architectural designs, better features and amenities in the buildings using premium quality products and fine artisans.

As the company steps into 2019 they have ventured out to build condominiums and residential parks in Monsurabad Residential Housing which will develop the area further and accommodate larger number of people. The company is an active member of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), founding member of REHAB and one of the most important is enlistment with RAJUK which requires rigorous  requirement fulfillment staying compliant and ethical all the way from land acquisition, development, building designing to construction and finally handover to the clients. Mr. Akter Biswas was organizing secretary of REHAB from 2010 till 2014 and president of REHAB utility committee in 2011 for which he received the best president award. Moreover he has also received various government awards for his active contributions towards the real estate and housing sector. 

why APL

Akter Properties Ltd (APL) was established in 2009  with a vision to be the preferred real estate company which is most admired for its people, products, partnerships and safe performance. They aspired to be differentiated from competitors and in order to achieve this, APL offers clients both pre-sales and after-sales exceptional customer service from the one-window concept which was later on established as "One Stop Service Provider."

Under this One Stop Service umbrella, APL offers diverse services to the clients ensuring a smooth transition from land acquisition apartment booking, loan facilitation, building construction, interior designing, handover process, registration of the property, mutation, holding tax, gain tax etc.  Mentionable here is the signed MOU between APL and 17 banks/ financial institutes who ensure minimum loan processing time, advise on documentation as well as provide the most competitive interest rate and reduced processing fee for APL clients.

The amenities provided at APL buildings are top of the class considering their target customers who are mostly middle class and upper-middle-class people. Once APL completes a building without any compromise on quality and safety, they provide one year free service for the entire building, replacement and repair of all items (if any defect or problem) within the warranty period of maximum seven years (depending on product type), client only has to bear the minimum resource/labour cost.

APL takes a proactive approach towards the formation of building/ compound community from the existing landowners and apartment owners who would ultimately take the responsibility of building maintenance once APL's free service tenure expires. APL hands over the original deed agreement/ dalil, lift generator warranty documents, and any relevant documents to the newly formed committee who will store the documents for future use and record.

APL provides strong security to the premises including CCTV coverage in lobby and entrance areas which can be linked to an individual owner's apartment entrance if any client desires to. APL apartments are well equipped with fire extinguishers, emergency contact numbers, in-house facilities like barbecue room, community room, children play area, gymnasium, indoor kids' zone, prayer room, swimming pool, rooftop waling tracks, rooftop garden, building surrounding walking tracks, reception as well as a waiting room for drivers.

APL always strives to improvise the design of their products passionately and they have skilled in-house architects as well as take in suggestions of professional renowned architects in order to have updated designs and structure at par with the competitors. APL ensure the privacy of each apartment owners with the help of structural design and architectural layout.

To own or book an apartment with APL a client can avail the three open ways; i.e. either visit their corporate office or visit any office in the construction premises or visit the location they want and book from there.